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    I have my Treo 650 on ebay and thinking of getting the 700w for verizon, but thier pda package is expensive. I have a sidekick II on T-mobile it's nice but I think it is too simple. Thinking about just sticking with the 650. What would you? Is the 700w worth all this hassle?
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    For me, yes... EVDO data speeds made it worth it.

    I had a 7100 BlackBerry before my 700w, and it ran over GPRS... while it did my important work, I surely couldn't be entertained by it... browsing was to slow to be worth it. - I also don't have to much of an issue paying a bit more for much quicker service. The BB service I had with TMobile came to 68 dollars a month; the new plan with Verizon comes to a bit over 80 dollars a month.

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