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    Somewhere recently, I saw mention of a Palm OS based app/hardware combo that would allow the user to control a PowerPoint presentation from the PDA.

    Of course, I was silly enough to not bookmark the link at the time, and now can't find any reference to it.

    Anyone hear of this?

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    if you find out can you let me know...i am very interested in that one also...

    bridon out...
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    Here's a crazy idea! Go to a web search engine (anyone you like) and enter "powerpoint" and "palm" and see what you come up with Or, if you're too lazy:

    Unfortunetly, it won't work with USB so you need the serial cable which comes with the product.

    There is also enotate:

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    Actually, I had tried the search engine thing......always do. In fact, tried a couple of them, but didn't come up with that URL.

    But that is the one I saw recently.


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