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    What would cause my Treo650 to turn ON on its own? I've set it to OFF after 1 minutes and it does but after about 2 just turns ON again and OFF after 1 minute and so on.......what program would cause this? I don't have any unsend SMS so that is not causing the problem.....It's getting really irritating.

    Thanx in advance
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    Without the latest update, the phone will do this when going in and out of roaming. Cingular is especially bad about it since they 'force' the phone into using Cingular towers, regardless of the fact that there is a stronger tower nearby. Eventually the phone will switch momentarily to the other tower, then back to Cingular a while later. Thus turning itself on back and forth as it goes.

    Quite annoying, but I hear it's fixed in the latest firmware.
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    Weird....i'm already using the latest firmware (1.20) and it happens at the weirdest time......i'm in Singapore and i doubt it is going in and out of roaming. The funny thing is at present's working fine. It's just at the OFF state now.

    Does VeriChat cause this problem or any knowed software causing this problem

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