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    I have used the Palm platform since it was first delievered to the market and have been dying to get into the PDA/phone combination. The Treo 650 looks like the right device. After a smattering of magazine articles and a few hours scanning these forums, I have a few questions and appreciate any feedback you knowledgable folks can offer.

    I am still using an extremely favorable GSM cellular plan under AT&T wireless. Since it was picked up by Cingular, the cellular service and customer service have gone in a negative spiral. If I upgrade my phone device, they want me to migrate my service to Cingular and get spanked on the rate. Not interested. From what I've been able to learn about the unlocked Treo, it will work just fine on my existing service with my existing SIM. Is this true? Do I need to give them a new IEMI (or whatever) number?

    What is a DUN?

    Are there any limitations I will have by unsing an unlocked phone?

    I presume there are memory limitations and that programmable ROMs are one way to overcome this. Does the unit hold a memory card that can be replaced with a larger one or is the expansion limited to the card slot?

    Are there any other things I should be aware of?

    Thanks in advance for the tips, hints and everyday wisdom.

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    My opinion, go for the unlocked. No you don't need to give them anything just pop in your SIM.

    Adding memory is SD card slot only, but there are the usual work a rounds.
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    Unlocked will not have your AT&T preferences... for sms, mms, mmode, etc... BUT do a search online (

    People on the internet do a wonderful job of providing network information that wireless companies may not share =)

    Program the correct settings and YOU should be a happy camper =)
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