Treo 650. T-Mo.

I have Versamail talking to my Exchange Server. It has happily synchronized email and calendar for a few months now.

Yesterday something crapped out and the inbox on my Treo was suddenly empty and the default Versamail inbox with the four welcoming emails from Palm sat in the inbox.

I have tried deleting the account that was set up for Exchange ActiveSync and re-installing it. All goes well on setting up the new Exchange ActiveSync account. The little "Test Settings" button tells me that Mr. Treo talks to Mr. Server just fine.

Then I proceed to the point where Versamail says it must now delete all calendar information on the Treo and reload it from the server. Fine. I want that to happen. When I click OK, Versamail throws my Treo into a reboot.

I have tried the solution at this thread but the same result occurred: a reboot as soon as I tell Versamail to clean out my calendar and download the information from the server again.

Any ideas?

(Yes, the obvious idea is Chatter, which I run separately on the Treo for my personal mail via I'm going to see if the IT guy can make Exchange speak IMAP for me.)