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    Help I've never beamed a thing where do I look in the Treo to do the beaming........ Thanks in Advance
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    Go to the item you want to beam then pull down the menu button and choose beam make sure you have the ir ports lined up on each treo then choose beam. When it is finished the treo that has received the info will ask you if you want to accept it. If this doesn't work then make sure under "Prefs" that you have beam turned on .
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    you cant beam the PIM files. At least I dont think you can.
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    I beamed all my PIM (Contacts, Tasks, Memos, and Appointments) from my T3 to my Treo 650. When you are in the PIM application, select menu, beam by category and select all and the desired date range. This will beam all the entries, rather than just one at a time, but make sure any entry with no category assigned did come across.

    Not sure if the 600 had this beam/category/all scenario.

    Cheers, Perry.

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