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    I'm done with this app. I tried everything, but no flashing LED. Thanks for the help fellow TCers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by He123321 View Post
    Any tips on this issue? I would like to buy this app, but I need to make sure it's going to work on my Centro.
    Not sure why you're having this problem, but I've used the last few versions including the latest on my Sprint Centro with no issues--works very well.

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    Maybe one of my 3rd party apps is affecting it.

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    Was wondering, since there is no free trial to download and test of the newest version 1.4.1 on a Centro...

    -Can I make an LED blink? no

    -A screen shot I found only shows “Green” drop down menu... Does that imply I could select 1 color for a missed SMS message (say green) and another color (say red) for a missed call/VM from the drop down menu? no.. can only set green on a Centro

    -Can I have LED alerts but NO sound alerts, I do NOT want sound. yes

    -Have you tried on CDMA Centro (new verizon)? testing right now as I did find a 1.4.1 trail version

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    MissedCall updated

    Updated Description:
    1.4.2: (13 Dec 2008)
    - Fixed ringtone alert bugs
    - Updated alert user interface
    - Updated internal coding
    (Must remove previous version before upgrade)
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    can you be more specific?

    did you address any of the items in post #44
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    If you are talking about the blink LED issue on Treo680 & Centro, the answer is no. This is because of the limitation of Palm SDK.

    MissedCall should work on all latest PalmOS smartphones, trial is avaliable
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