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    I'm having a problem with Zap2016. Whenever I try to run the program, it gives me a error "over locked chunk", or something like that. It's like the same problem that Handspring was having with the DRAM modules. What is going on? I would REALLY like to get this game to work on my Visor considering I loved it when I played it on the demo versoin in the stores.

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    I'm having a problem with Zap!2016 too. I get a fatal error every time I try to enter my registration code. I've tried many things to get it to work - but I have no luck. The demo game works, but not the full version. Anyone else having this problem?


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    my works but the color is bad, 8 bit looking and the screen gets a fuzzy interferance on the bottom 2/3??

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    Well, I would suggest contacting astraware about the problem with registering. After unistalling some programs that I don't use, and freeing up some space, I was able to get it to work.

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    I'm having trouble with it crashing in MemoryMgr.c. I suspect the problems are due to low memory - when it crashes, it leaves behind a database called Zap2000graphics, which is over 750KB and leaves me with less than 50KB free. I suspect that the game needs something like 1MB free in order to run!

    I have posted a problem report to Astraware, and will let you know what they say.
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    Well, that was quick. Here's what the good folks at Astraware had to say:

    Hi Jon,

    This error most commonly happens if you don't have enough memory spare! (You need perhaps 600k of memory free!)

    We've fixed some of the other occurrences of the error, and we'll be releasing an updated demo later in the week. (Also, we should be making it a rather less nasty sounding message!)

    Best Regards,

    I still reckon it needs more like 1MB - I have 800k+ free and I'm still crashing - but it's good to know they're on it.
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    Well, I got my Zap!2016 to work. Turns out my graffiti program, Jot, was causing the problem with registration. I disabled Jot, put in my registration code, and then re-enabled Jot. Everything works perfectly. What a beautiful game. My nephew is going to be jealous. Blows away his color Gameboy.

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