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    Does anyone know of a simple mapping software the records a route and plots it to the screen? My usage is for off road tracking such as hiking or in countries where Tomtom doesn't have databases.

    I've found two programs that do what I'd like, but they're written for PalmOS 2 and PalmOS 3 and neither support Bluetooth and also only support a 160x160 screen, which makes it unusable with my Treo 650. I appreciate any help.


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    Cetus GPS, or


    and if you want something more complete, the best is PathAway

    hope it helps...
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    Thanks! Had CotoGPS all along but never noticed it had a mapping function, since I always used Cetus. Anyways Pathaway looks nice, I'm giving the demo trial a whirl now.

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    So after you've logged your track with CotoGPS, how do you export that to a topo map? Or any map? More software? Is there a free app?
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    I'd be real interested to hear how the map import process works. Can you access standard USGS maps ?
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    looks like cetus in combo with GPSvisualizer may be the best solution. I think I'm going to try it this weekend.
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    Does anyone have a copy of PilotGPS, located at:

    The author's download page doesn't go anywhere, and emails sent to him bounce back.

    Please PM or email me at warren at warrenernst dot nospam com. I'd be most appreciative.

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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