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    I just got my Palm Treo yesterday and set up Versamail for the first time today. I can't seem to get the option for downloading only the last week's mail to work with gmail. I tried to work around it by downloading all my mail, and deleting anything older than the last week. When I do that, it downloads the deleted mail one the next get new messages. What am I doing wrong?

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    just an idea, from your in box,

    1.) click on search
    2.) select date within 1 week
    3.) of TODAY
    4.) click search mail
    5.) bookmark it

    try applying a filter so that it always shows up this way, i have noticed that gmail only shows me emails whos archive atribute is not set
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    This problem is not just with gmail. I just setup my Yahoo account... it does the same thing. If I delete messages and then empty the trash, they get reloaded on the next "get".

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