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    starting today, my 650 has been so slow - especially when switching to the phone app and making calls. there is a huge pause when I try to do anything.

    after much trial and error I narrowed it down to the memory card. when its out, speed is normal - when its in everything comes to a crawl.

    I tried a soft reset, its even slow booting up so I tried a warm reset with no change. has anyone experienced this? ideas?
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    Yes. I had this happen. I don't know why but here is how I fixed it. Copy everything from your card onto your desktop computer. Reformat the card IN THE TREO. Then copy everything back to the card.

    If that doesnt work, see if you have any strange folders set up on your card. Get rid of them. By strange I mean folders that the treo didn't create - maybe you are using the card to backup full Word files or something?
    Factory unlocked/unbranded GSM 650 - Tmobile; FW: 1.71; SW: 1.20-ENA; Carrier DB: 255; HW: A

    If I'm repeating what someone has already said look at how long the thread is and ask yourself if you really expect me to read the whole thing.

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