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    I am looking for a program that can expand my Treo To-do list in the PIM. I have came from a baclground using Stephen Covey and LMI's My-tyme, on paper that has monthly Goals (categorized in area, ie, Financial, Family, Career etc.) Plus to-dos to help achieve those monthly goals and track the progress.

    So what I need is a Palm software TO-DO / Goal Planning programm, that will help me do this. One that can let you plug in monthly Goals and expand TO-Dos that can be categorized.

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    Life Balance hands down has my vote.. It is awesome. You add entries in an outline-style view, put in data such as effort required, how important the task is (both of which are completely variable settings, not a few settings like most 'priorities'), child-tasks inherit parent settings, one-time, periodic, by date, or by calendar settings for when a task is due, etc..

    Then the cool thing happens.. Your major goals can be adjusted to say you want to spend 20% time on relaxation, 15% on household stuff, 15% on computer related activities, 15% on some hobby of yours, etc... And when the task list is generated it tries to balance in things so your actual tasks completed align with your goal. IE: If you haven't done your hobby in a few days and you have it on a daily/3 day/whatever schedule, it pushes it up the task list.

    Otherwise, the tasks are ranked by importance and due date. Once you get a feel for how things work (read the manual while playing, there's a lot of tricks you'll learn to save you time) and get your major goals and their major sub-goals worked out, you can start adding tasks.

    I have it in my palm for personal stuff, and at work I use the Windows desktop version. Both of them keep me in shape on tasks I need to accomplish.

    Only complaint I have is that I wish the Palm version could load different files. As far as I know, it can only have one. IE: I can't have one for work and one for home. I have lots of tasks on the plate for both places, so I don't want to put them together into one place. Plus I do a lot of typing on the work one anyway making notes on things. But it'd be nice to be able to load it up on the Palm anyway.

    Check it out, you won't regret it. I think anyone that doesn't like it hasn't really understood it. If you set up tasks realistically you never have to do priority adjustments and tweaking to get your task list to reflect reality, Life Balance does a damn fine job of doing that for you!
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    The program usually grabbing the Editor's Choice in this arena is Natara Bonsai

    ZD net "Bonsai is an outstanding outliner/checklist application that offers simple one-step synchronization to a Windows desktop companion. "

    PalmUser magazine issue 6 "Bonsai is a polished and powerful outliner with plenty of flexibility... High quality... If you need true desktop synchronization, Bonsai is likely to be your best choice." "

    $15 bucks for Palm Version $38 for Windows / Palm bundle
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    Heh, Bonzi looks little better than Progect really. In color but otherwise.. But the price isn't too bad.

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