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    I just installed zlauncher and am trying to get it set to my liking. I have tried searching but cant find what I am looking for. What I want to do is have only certain Icons show under certain tabs (ie: bluetooth Icon showing under "Communication" tab but the Icon doesn't show under any other tabs.) How do I do this?
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    You mean the Bluetooth app right?

    Highlight the app with the 5 way and hold the center Dpad button down until you get the context menu.

    Choose Category and select the right category/tab. Presto!

    Or if the tabs are visible, just drag and drop with the stylus
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    I don't think you can have programs that show up under MULTIPLE tabs if that's what you're asking, except for the "All" tab. Each tab is a Palm category and acts like the default launcher in that only programs from that tab are shown.

    Once you organize things a bit, you'll find ZLauncher is great for quick access to lots of programs. Don't forget to check out QuickLaunch!
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    Could you do some sort of shortcut to create a new icon and put that under a new tab? Just tried it and you can.
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    Interesting, didn't think of that.. Still not sure why you'd want to, but yep that would work.

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