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    Hello PDA Fanatics...

    I recently downloaded Vindigo for my Palm. Then I realized the only reason I was using it was for the movies. So I found out the could do the same thing. After getting on my palm via avantgo, i deleted vindigo only to find out every time I sync it just loads it back on there!! Then I deleted all traces of vindigo off my computer and it still synced it! My last try was to unscubsribe to vindigo, but it still puts it back on my palm!!

    Any Suggestion of comments!!

    Anything wanted and badly needed. Thank you
    I :shortcut: Palms
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    Best thing is to read the uninstall directions on Vindigo's website. But there's a file called Vsync on your Visor that has to come off as well as the Vindigo app.

    But check their site. Their procedure is far more thorough.
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    on your PC, under your 'Programs' on the start menu, find the folder called 'AvantGo'

    in there you'll see a program called Mobile Link. Open that. you'll see a window with 2 servers listed 'AvantGo' and 'Vindigo'.

    Click on the Vindigo and hit the 'Remove' button. then erase vinidigo from your palm (using the delete should erase the app and all related files).

    sync, it shouldn't return.

    wow, it's been awhile.....things have REALLY changed...why is my Visor Edge still in my hand? Will a Treo fit better?

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