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    I'm using a kensington USB Bluetooth adapter with a Treo 650 on the cingular service. Recently upgaded to firmware 1.17. I'm able to get the devices to connect (system tray shows a green bluetooth icon w/ blue background) and the phone displays nothing new. It ceates a dial up networking connection that is associated with the dial up networking connection in my bluetooth places.

    When I try to dial *99***1# or **99***1# or wap.cingular, the bluetooth connection drops and I get the error "Error 692: There was a hardware failure in the modem (or other connecting device)". (Using user name: WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM pwd: CINGULAR1)

    I am able to sync via the bluetooth connection.

    Any ideas?
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    The new firmware probably blocks bluetooth DUN.

    I would try PDAnet over USB... see if that works, if that also doesn't work then it's a problem with Cingular; if it works then the new firmware has bluetooth DUN disabled.
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    The updates enables bluetooth dial up networking. (It was hidden in previous versions.)

    Can the USB cable be used without PDAnet to use the phone as a modem?
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    number: *99***1#
    password: CINGULAR1
    init string: AT+CGDCONT=1, "ip", "wap.cingular"

    only way that works for me
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    Interesting, before I updated to 1.20, I did it without the init string aok. Now I am on 1.20, I cannot get it unless I use the init string above.

    For T-Mobile, I have to use an init string all along.

    How do you guys get the proper init string? From calling the CSR? I never had any luck even getting the right time from them...
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    Where do you enter the init string at?

    I'm just starting this whole fun and games and have not found the screen to enter that at.

    Thank ya
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    On Windows XP:

    1. go to [Settings] and select [Control Panel]
    2. go to [Phones and Modems]
    3. Select the [Modem] tab (next to [Advanced] tab)
    4. Find your blue tooth modem
    5. Click the [Advance] tab there (not the one in step 3)
    6. You should see the field for extra initialization commands


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