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    Several keys on my Treo 650 (Sprint) just stopped working. It seems pretty strange too because of the keys that donít work and that they all stopped at once. The keys are the home key, the blue key, left shift, 0, space, and back space. Obviously this makes the phone very hard to use, a lot of phone numbers have 0 in them, and the PDA less than useful, try typing with out space. Any ideas on how this happened (I havenít dropped it recently, or ever as far as I can remember). Any ideas on how to fix it? If worse comes to worse I have an equipment replacement plan with Sprint but itís really a pain to have to deal with them and I donít like the idea of losing any data hotsync doesnít catch.

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    The only way to determine whether or not this is a hardware problem, is to perform a hard reset. Hotsync first, to back everything up - and then perform a hard reset; if the keys still don't work (before you perform a restoring hotsync), it's a hardware problem - have it replaced. If the keys do work, then you know the problem is software related.

    If the problem is software related, rename your desktop /Palm/<username>/Backup directory (to, say, "Backup.old") and hotsync; that'll load your PIM data but none of your 3rd party software. Test the keys again; they should still work. Now, reinstall one or two apps at a time, testing after each install until the problem returns; at that point, you should have a good idea of which app(s) is the culprit.
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    Mine have done the same thing.

    It seems that when I go into the phone part of the app, all of the keys will stop working, only the touchscreen works, so I can't use it at all without having to soft reset it. It stinks. I am going to do a hard reset in a bit to get it cleaned out.

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