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    Well, I gave Windows Mobile a good go.

    Despite using Palms from the Vx straight through to the excellent Sony Clie N770C, NR70V and finally TH55, I desperately needed a do-it-all unit and the lack of WiFi meant I reluctantly switched to an imate JAM smartphone.

    Nine months on, I found I couldn't bear the clunkiness any more and have just bought a Treo 650 - even though I've lost the wi-fi I've craved the simplicity and ease of use of good 'ol Pam.

    So: what's the easiest way to transfer all my data from Outlook to the Palm please?

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    1. Put the CD in your windoze machien and run it.
    2. When it asks what to sync to say Outlook if you wanna sync with Outlook.
    3. If you then want to sync to palm Desktop reinstall the program from the CD and this time select palm Desktop
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    Cheers for the response. One thing: is there any way just to export the Pocket PC/Outlook data from one PC and to import it into Palm desktop on another?
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    I sync with Outlook at work and Palm Desktop at home. I have the Outlook machine setup to sync both ways, and the home machine set to handheld overwrites desktop.
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    I don't use MS "LookOut". But what I did was export my data from Organizer (as a vcard file IIRC) and import it into PD. In experience is any judge, MS gonna be a little bit more stingy on making it wasy for you to export data for use by other competing programs.

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