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    Text editor which can process file up to 4MB size (Depend on available memory). Support [PalmOne/Clie] landscape/portrait full screen mode. Import / Export MemoPad records. Support HiRes tiny font.

    Update Description:
    - Add/Delete/Edit/Relocate bookmarks for palmdoc files.
    - A new option which can show all files (not only pdb & txt files) in "Open" and "Save As" dialog.
    - Allow Clie users change the jog-wheel behavious between page up/down and line up/down.
    - Treo600/650 users can change the 5-way up/down keys' behavious between page-up/down and line-up/down by pressing 5-way center key.
    - Hide "Import" button untill user has selected at least 1 memo record.
    - Added a progress indicator when loading a palmdoc file.
    - Improved 5way navigation experience for some OS5.2+ devices.
    - Some other bug fix and optimization.
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    Nice program. Edits txt and palm doc files stored on the SD card. Can also be run from the SD card.
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    Version 0.52a is out, fixing a bug in 0.52.
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    Updated again...0.60 this time as of may 04, 2006

    Same link works

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