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    We have a trip to Switzerland coming up this summer and I wanted to find out about using the Treo over there.

    Specifically, I'm not worried about the phone, but I am planning on using the TomTom software after downloading the relevant maps. So here are my questions:
    • Do I need any special adapters of converters to use the Treo over there?
    • How about for the BT-338 GPS receiver?
    • Do the cars there have a 12-volt cigarette-lighter plug similar to what we have here in the US?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    It would help if you'd provide the technical details about your Treo gear!
    Switzerland (CH) has GSM only, so a CDMA Treo will not work. If you have the GSM version you still need a provider that has roaming agreements with any of the networks in CH. If you have the "travel" version of the power adapter it will work in CH but you'll need a "plug/prong" converter. GPS is ok, world-wide standard. 12 volt plugs are available in most cars. Just ask for it when you get a rental car.
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    Make sure the maps that you get also have all the data you want. When I went to Hong Kong last year, I thought the maps included POIs. But after installing them, there were none included. I tried for 8 weeks to contact TomTom about the POIs. They never once returned my calls. They even closed my support question on their website without responding. Both my attempts to call them on the phone and over email were pointless.

    I ended up just calling American Express and they reversed the charges. Make sure that you get everything your expecting to work in your maps when you go Switzerland.
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