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    Comments below from wireless week 03-17-06

    "Taking on the likes of Research in Motion, Visto and Good Technology in the push e-mail space, Consilient this week introduced Consilient Push, an open-standards approach to push e-mail.

    Proprietary push e-mail systems typically run enterprises between $40 and $50 per month per user, according to the company. Consilient believes its solution will attract attention because it reduces the cost per user to $3 to $5 per month.

    The product supports a host of wireless devices, including phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Sanyo and Samsung. It also can deliver push e-mail on BlackBerry and Treo, according to the company.

    "Consilient Push has been designed to allow greater flexibility with multiple devices and platforms," said Trevor Adey, CEO of Consilient, in a prepared statement. "Our open standards approach is opening up broad market access to mobile e-mail and making it affordable so everyone can stay connected, from the corporate executive to the high school student," he said."
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    Seems very limited to me, as I read the manual and play with it briefly.

    Only one folder can be pushed, no subfolder support, no sync'ing (just new mail), no POP3 support, synchronous, no background push (polled), monthly fees, etc... Sounds like it was designed for older phones (or a broader range of phones) with limited capabilities. I like the prefs screens, though...

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    Don't worry Marc. Chatter is still the best.
    You have MANY raving fans that know what the best push email tool for the Treo is.
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    Didn't look at it at all just figured it may have an attraction for some.... personally the concept of push scares me as I imagine 400-500 e-mails a day (3 accounts) being pushed too my teeny weeny treo. I take the, "if ya want something from me now, call me approach" as I am rarely away from a desktop / laptop. For peeps who spend long time away from theirs I can see how it's useful.
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    At the risk of going of topic here...
    The beauty of IMAP and Chatter is that I am able to set up defined folders and thereby get only the emails from contacts I want to be sent to my treo and not be bothered by the other 200+ emails I get everyday.
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    Well it's beautiful if you are out of the office every day.....but if I am out say 1 day in 14, it just gives ya 13 days of clutter I don't need while using a good bit of resources. It's a great program, just look at they following it has and number of peeps who use it, but it's kinda like using a 7 passenger SUV for a 75 mile, 1 person, 75 mile commute to work every day....way more than ya can find useful and a resource downside from which ya receive no significant benefit.
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    My big problem with these types of solutions is just that they typically only support Exchange natively and for any other email it needs to be forwarded to another address. Lets see.. support the dominate email server(s) that power the internet's email or Exchange?

    Chatteremail is still #1 in my book due to compatibility. I don't want or need Exchange with it.
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