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    I received my Treo 650 in the mail today, and I'm very excited. Playing with it a bit, I'm still kind of awkward with the thumb-board. I'm used to pick typing with the stylus and the online keyboard (graffiti was never as accurate or quick), and my thumbs are kind of big to type accurately. I'm hoping it's just a matter of getting some practice, and I'm looking for additional tips. One person already suggested typing with the tips (nails) of my thumbs. It was awkward bending them forward, but it was easier to hit just the keys I wanted to hit. I've also tried typing one fingered with an index finger, which worked a bit better (though that finger sure did have to do a lot of traveling around). I haven't gotten synching to work yet, but when I do I'll try loading graffiti 2, although I'd like to use the Treo without using the pen if I could; I just think it would be very efficient not to have to keep pulling it out and putting it back.

    Any tiips would be appreciated. Thanks.

    --Rick Taylor
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    ^ You may want to check out this thread:

    An emerging Palm developer has created a program to help you learn to "touch type" on a Treo.

    I haven't tried it out myself, but it looks like a promising solution for those that are just getting acquainted with their Treo, or more accurately, the Treo "thumb board".
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    It took me a while to want to try keycaps600 but it's a great FREE program to get the option Characters and CAPS...
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    my best advice is just practice. thats what i've done, and although i still make a few mistakes, i'm loads better than i used to be

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