I did a search and only came up with 2 threads that mentioned this software. It's yahoo! 0.16 beta for treo

I have been trying to use this app for some time now. It was developed by Michael Burmeister-Brown While I know it is freeware, it's look and feel is much nicer than those others. I also like it because I only need Yahoo. I don't really use the others.

My issues are: (on Sprint treo 650 1.13 )

1. I get resets quite often while using the app

2. I get an error message when sending IMs that says server error, please try again later. But it never seems to work.

Yes, I do have unlimited vision and text messaging. It would be a shame to let such a nice little app go to wast. If there is someone out there that knows a way to get this sucker working, please let me know.

Thanks again!