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    I just bought an Earthlink Treo 650 off eBay (like new, $147). Before I visit this forum I know nothing about the smartphone, I am just a PDA junkie.

    I am now in T-mobile network and the contract expire next month. My current plan is basic $19.99/month because I don't have much talk by cell phone. I am considering switch to Earthlink but only want to use the Treo as a regular phone. Will Earthlink activate this phone without any internet, email, data service? What's the cheapest plan to activate it? Is it possible to join other networks like VZW or Sprint?

    If it's expensive to activate I may have to resell it in eBay.

    I look forward to hearing your replies. Thanks a lot!
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    I almost purchased a Treo from Earthlink, but decided against it because of the cost of the plan. Earthlink's cheapest plan is $69.90 per month for 500 anytime minutes + unlimited data. With Earthlink it seems you must have an unlimited data plan, there is no voice only option (see for details).

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    I may be going nutso but last I looked Earthlink was selling Treos with servcie provided by sprint and roaming on verizon.....a CDMA carrier. Those phones won't operate on the GSM network like T-mobile....did Earthlink start selling GSM phones too ?

    Free Treo tho is tempting.
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    according to the rebate form link, the offer was good up to dec 31 2005 though..... is there a different rebate link??

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