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    If I upgrade to the latest firmware v1.20, do I still need Volume Care ? I feel that the volume with firmware v1.20 is quite decent. Only in loud environment do I need to turn the volume way up.
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    Only you can answer this. If you are in loud environments often, and you want more volume, then you might want it.
    Try it out as a trial (it works for a few days before requiring registration).
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    Actually my question is that does firmware v1.20 increase the volume from previous version. I never tried older version so I do not know.
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    ...on my phone (ENA)
    Volume increased from 1.28 to 1.71
    Volume slightly decreased from 1.41 to 1.71

    Not as crucial with Volumecare on 1.71 as it was in 1.28, but I personally use VC on 1.20. Makes it a lot easier to hear the other party when outside, in my car....
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    The hardware in each phone is different. Out of the box on relase day.....the Verizon model for example was a full 12 db louder than the Sprint model. From my own experience with a CNG 650, I use a BT headset on Volume level 2 for 99% of my calls.....speakerphone I crank it up to 7 and handset 4-5. I tried VC but happened to load it at a time just before I was stuck in the office for abput 2 the time I was on the road, the trial had expired ....but I don't find myself needing it. Once it gets ful application support, I gonne jump on it tho to raise volume on TomTom and VSuite.
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    Tons of posts on this. There was no volume increase from 1.13 to 1.20. I got vc and am now happy.
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    phone technician (my app) is also an option. the new beta has a sound booster function + mp3 ringtone, + various other features for $9.95
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    Well, I bought the "Basic" for 14.95, and it did improved the headset volume. But the speaker volume is still very low.
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    (On my GSM phone...)

    1.43 is louder then 1.71. I use VC at similar setting for both. I did not find any changes between 1.13 vs 1.20.

    I upgraded from 1.43/1.13row to 1.71/1.20ena for a month or so. To check on a problem, I dropped back to 1.43/1.13. It was then I realize how much louder 1.43 is. I now run a hybrid - 1.43/1.20ENA. 1.43 does have echo problem at times but for me it is much louder.

    Now, as to whether VC is needed. The question is not whether others needs it, but rather "can you hear well enough?"

    Even if 1.71/1.20 is not as loud, but it works well enough for YOU, don't worry about if others feel they need it.

    I will tell you I need driving glasses, but it doesn't help you decide should you spend $100 getting yourself a pair before you get into the car.

    Good luck with your choice and I am sure you'll make the right one.

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