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    I almost bought the Tom Tom GPS Navigator for the Treo 650 today. Apparently the Treo store in the Atlanta airport is offering the GPS Navigator with a 1 gig memory stick for $250. (That's what he was telling me, but the sign said only for the Tungsten, so beware.) Then he went on to tell me how you get the service for free for one full year! OK, that's great, but it's my (mis)take that the GPS thingies don't have a service charge. Is that right? Once you buy the hardware, don't you just have it and go, you don't have to pay a monthly fee after that do you? That's what this guy said, that after the year you have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $15. I went on to Tom Tom's site and he apparently is thinking of their Plus service. I walked away because I don't want to have to pay $15 / mo a year from now. Same reason I never bought a Tevo.

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    There is no additional fee with TomTom. Once you buy it, you own that version. The Plus service is suposed to be something you pay for and they give you 30-days free. However, I've had my TomTom since December and the free Plus service still works. I only use it for traffic. I think the issue is that the traffic coverage in the US isn't comprehensive enough for TomTom to start charging.
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    Thanks for confirming what I thought. Everything I've read says the Tom Tom is great. I'm still considering.

    Thanks again.
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    It is great but also unfortunate that you cannot try before you buy. If you search for TomTom on this site you will see a lot of discussion about the product. This site ( has also done some good write-ups on it.
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    When you take the plunge, print out the sticky in the Palm OS Apps section before you start installation

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