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    Does anyone have a good mobile website that works well on Blazer to get updated March Maddness scores? My usual ESPN link doesn't show any scores.

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    The only one that I found that was any good at all is CBS Sportsline. This one is still not very good though beacause you have to look up scores by conference.
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    I found that the Yahoo sports site to be the best so far, but still not what I would call great.

    from the palm home page in blazer go to more.. then sports.. then yahoo.
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    Great thread. I was trying to find a good site, as well. Yahoo is the best I've found.
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    Anyone have scores that auto refresh!?!?
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    Avantgo offers scores in PDA format as a subscriber service.
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    I've been using
    Takes a little time to load, and you have to scroll down to see the scores, but all the traditional sports sites were more cumbersome. It does not auto-refresh.

    (only got 11 of the sweet 16 right)
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    For pages that load slowly on my Treo, I use Google's mobile app that basically does most of the work to load a page for you, then presents you with the content in a slightly faster way. It's exactly like Squeezer, but Google's version. Check it out.
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    If you use Cingular, I've found the MEdiaNet sports section to be the easiest to navigate, b/c it has all the scores on one page (as opposed to pocket ESPN, in which you have to navigate to the brackett and then find the score).
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    The non mobile version of yahoo sports page auto-refreshes, but probably not as big an issue now that the first weekend is over and we're down to the sweet sixteen (only have 10 of my 16 left!)
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    You can get scores via SMS from 4info.
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    I used the cingular medianet all weekend, worked great, just wish UK could have knocked off UCONN
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    Me too, I picked them, down to 2 left...
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    Thanks for the Google tip Jack - just checked it out - I like!
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    Go to and follow the links to ESPN. They have a pretty good site. I use it to follow the NHL.

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