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    I had a defective treo and VZ gave me a refurbished one. I used teal back up to restore everything. It worked except when I checked doc-to-go, it said I was missing a conduit or something and to re-install from the VZ CD the software. I did that and I lost all my letters in docs- to-go. Unfortunately, they did not hot sync either. Ideas on how to get back? Thanks!
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    Lost them from where? From the PC in total or just from the desktop doc-to-go screen? You may have to recreate the linkage from the Docs-to-Go desktop screen to where the orginal file is on your PC.

    From the DTG desktop -- Select "File" and then "Add Item" and then select the appropriate file from your PC's directory path to re-create the linkage. Once the linkage is created in the DTG desktop application -- the files should reappear on your Treo's SD card (or internal memory -- wherever you directed them) after your next hot sync.
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    I lost the letters from the SD card. Unfortunately, doctogo did not hot sync so they are not on my computer either. Any ideas how to get them back from the sd card? Thanks for trying to help.
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    Hopefully, those documents were not erased from the SD card by the hot sync.

    Do you have FileZ? It's a freeware file manager for the PalmOS that allows you to look at ALL of the files on your Treo and the SD card -- much like Windows Explorer.
    click on download
    select FileZ

    Once installed you can search thru the directory structure of your SD card for your "missing" documents.

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