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    Ok my sister just got Treo 650..I have one too and now she thinks I'm tech support

    She wants to:

    Download "E-Books" to her Treo. ( I assume this will have to be done to an SD card)

    But....she can't hotsynch it (the book) from her company Computer (were she normally does) because she is worried some IT guy will get mad that she's using company stuff for personal use.

    can she load the book on to the sd card by hotsynching at home. Will this take forever. Will Dual hotsynching create new problems? Thanks.

    PS: card reader is out of the question for now as her hubby is already miffed about the price of the phone and SD card.

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    A couple of possible solutions. First, there is probably someone at work who has an SD card reader (for use with their digital camera maybe?) that she could borrow. I'll bet that within 10 offices of my own there are 5 SD card readers in use.
    Second is that hotsynching at home, the time shouldn't be an issue. What difference does it make if it DOES take a long time? Tell her to start the synch and then go for a walk or mow the lawn. It takes less time if you don't sit and watch it .
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    Depending on the size of the book or books that you are sending you can always email it to an email address that you have setup, programs like chatter will let you save to the SD card easily. Something like versamail you can download it to the device and then using Filez which is free you can copy it over to a folder on the SD card. Check out Walmart for SD Cardreaders though, they are cheap, I got one for like 20 bucks.

    Now as far as Hotsyncing, she can do a dual hotsync I do, on my computer and my notebook, its easy, just do it as normal, it basically gives you to back ups. Is she buying the ebook or is it work related. PM if you have any other questions, ebooks on my Treo are my life!
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    Hell, if you're buying eBooks you're paying a pretty penny, and a SD card reader is cheaper than a couple of eBook titles. So buy a reader.

    If not: You could load it on the main memory with a hotsync, or via bluetooth, or by IR. Then use FileZ to move it over to the SD card and delete the original.

    Have fun.

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    (1) The e-book is not required to be on the SD card unless you are very low on space. I usually keep the book I'm currently reading in main memory and a few extras on the card.

    2) If you have an e-book in memory and wish to move it to the SD card using the built-in eReader app, simply open the book and select Menu: Copy, then click on the book in question. There will then be two entries for the same book, one of which will have a little card icon. You can then delete the other one (Menu: Delete).

    3) Hotsyncing to two computers is fine unless you make changes on both computers before hotsyncing. Example: edit memo on PC #1, then make different edits on the same memo on PC #2--now it is difficult to get all changes correctly synced. Solution is to not change the same piece of data on both PCs, or to reserve one PC for archival backup and software and ebook installation only.

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    There is Windoz utility available that moves files into main memory or the SD card without doing a total sync or using Palm's quick sync. The utility has been around for a few years and is called "Pilot Install." The web site is: Ben

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