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    Hi Marc,
    I have an imap account set up where I don't upload my sent items to the server. I see them all in the folder "TreoSent" in chatter.

    While looking through the files I have on my treo through filez, I saw something called ChatterSentItems which is now 259k.

    Is it safe to assume that the emails I send are stored on the Treo and not the SD? If so, why aren't the sent items stored on the SD card the same way the rest of my emails are?
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    I specify a mail box that sent emails are sent to and have it set not to sync. When an email is sent from my Sprint Treo 650, I delete those in the "TreoSent" folder on the Treo. If I need to get a copy of the sent email(s), I then sync that folder. In addition, copies of all emails received and subsequently deleted on the Treo are forwarded to another mail box that is not sync'd for later review. Ben
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    So maybe what I'm asking is this, can TreoSent folder be stored on the SD as opposed to the treo?
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    It can't currently; but you can choose not to use it at all...


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