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    Some of you may remember that I went through four Treo 650's last year, on the Verizon network. All four had terrible radio reception, horrid Blazer performance, lots of freezes and resets, all while using virtually zero 3rd party apps. In October I gave up, sent back my 4th Treo and bought a Palm TX and Moto e815. The e815 has ***-kicking radio performance, and the TX with it's wi-fi has great Blazer performance and overall suffers very few resets. That said, I hate having two devices again.

    Soooo, has the 650 been improved in the last six months? Any significant firmware upgrades? My big thing really is the phone performance. The 650 just plain stunk. It dropped calls all over in areas that my old Star Tac and new e815 never, ever drop calls. (I live and work very near the center of Boston--a well-covered area.) Ideally I'd wait for the 700p, but it looks like that will be quite some time before it gets to Verizon, if ever, right? I have zero desire to get a Windows device so the 700w is out. Any help/thoughts would be appreciated.
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    My advice :

    Try one! (again).

    Mine works great.
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    Coming from a user on Verizon, I have no problems with my Treo. I will name the issues, it doesn't have as good as reception as a regular phone, but that said, I am still impressed. I haven't dropped a call, when I use it as a phone. As for crashing, the only time it crashes is first thing in the am, but its my fault cause I leave Chatter and Verichat running all night. If I shut those down or turn the radio off over night, I don't have a reset issue at all that isn't cause by me tinking with my Treo.

    My girlfriend also has a Treo, and she has NO issues. Sound quality is fine, no issues, great reception and NO crashes. She hasn't really put any third party stuff on like I have, I have a launcher and sometimes I know that causes issues. She is using Xiino instead of Blazer, cause I don't really like Blazer, though it gets the job done, and she uses the Wireless Sync which actually works well.

    I use another phone along with my Treo, only because I use a great deal of data, and with the data running you can't recieve a call, it goes right to vmail. So thats about it, thats a personal issue though. So, I say give a Treo a try, I know my girlfriend might be selling hers here soon, PM me if you are interested and we can talk about it, otherwise, Enjoy that new Treo!
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    I have a Cingular branded 650 and up until the last firmware update I was ready to just give up on it and move on to another phone. If I hadn't dropped it and broken the antenna I would have tried to do a warranty claim through Cingular from all the resets and call initialization failures I was having. I've since taped the antenna into place and after the latest firmware update I really haven't had a reason to complain about it. I run all the same apps as I did before the update.

    Anyways, I'm happy enough with it now that I'm considering paying the $170 service fee to Palm to get it repaired/replaced.

    Hope this helps.

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    Seems like Cingular may actually have better performing Treo 650's. Is there anything to that? Is this possible? I always swore that Verizon inarguably has the best voice cellular network. Is Verizon no longer the champion in this regard???
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    Just to add my two cents. In southern California, verizon has the reputation for best coverage. I wanted a GSM treo so I am with Cingular. I am pleased with the communications performance of the Treo. I too spent (wasted?) a lot of time with the earliest treo 650. With the firmware updates, I am as near to 100% satisfied as I can imagine I would be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by danspalmone
    Seems like Cingular may actually have better performing Treo 650's. Is there anything to that? Is this possible? I always swore that Verizon inarguably has the best voice cellular network. Is Verizon no longer the champion in this regard???
    In the NY / NJ / Conn metro area at least, verizon's been forced to drop their "best network" commercials as two independent studies released late last year showed Verizon as No. 2 behind cingular for dropped calls. Of cource Cingular has been hammering the airwaves with this on History channel and other gadget oriented channels. In other areas I am sure this varies as what one carrier spends to add towers here in NY metro area leaves them less money to spend in other areas.

    Sprint models got saddled with the most problems cause they were simply the first ones out....for example, after the volume thing was made such a big deal about, the phones released by carriers months later were 12dB louder. Cingular / Verizon benefited from an extra 4 months of troubleshooting. The new ROM's however solved most of the problems.
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    Of course I just signed my wife up for two more years at Verizon since I thought we'd never leave. I hate these damn contracts. I have a government account and can leave at any time, but then we wouldn't be getting the free in-network calls. Bummer.
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    ROM & PRL updates have helped my Sprint PCS Treo 650. I have gone thru 2 650's and it seems dropped calls were common to all SPCS 650's on Sprint's network.

    Now seems to have no issues at all, where Sprint has good coverage. It certainly has better reception than my parent's SPCS Nokia (which was free with 2-yr agreement).

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    Well, as luck would have it, my TX broke today. So I'm really tempted to go back to a Treo 650. Can anyone on Verizon tell me if there have been any significant improvements since September of last year? I so want the 650 to work, but not being able to receive calls in my office is unacceptable. My e815 has 4 of 5 bars in there and never drops a call anywhere in my building even the basement where the 650 didn't have a prayer.
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    I think the Verizon 650 is one of the most solid models. I see a lot of problems with firmware of other carriers. If you use the latest vzw firmware and use only solid applications, your 650 can be rock solid. For me, the reception is great and it is rare to have a dropped call.

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