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    Does anyone know where I can find a driver to run the Treo 650 on a CDMA network. I had a 600 and it broke. I replace the cradle and all the hardware is right but Palm says that there is no software driver to run the 650 on a CDMA network. I can't believe this. This car kit is great. I tried the 600 prn file but it does not work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    The only thing I can think of is to bug Palm. I contacted a THBBury vendor and he said it's between Sprint and Palm (I'm with Sprint). I've emailed and called Sprint and haven't gotten anywhere. They tried to send me to advanced technical support, but this isn't an issue with them, this is an issue with the higher ups, as all they have to do is give the OK and Palm will send out the drivers.

    I've heard that if you place it in the cradle, it will charge and use the external antenna. To use the audio, you'll have to use a Bluetooth device. Sucks, but that's the best thing for now.
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    All you need to complete the integration with your car stereo is the Pioneer DEH-P9800BT head unit. It has built in Bluetooth to link up with your Treo.,00.html @ US$355 and above on ebay

    The THBBury cradle will hold the Treo securely, charge your Treo, give you the external antenna and the Pioneer DEH-P9800BT will give you the Handsfree Speaker Phone and an awesome car stereo at the same time.

    This is what I will be doing unless they come out with a better solution very soon.
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    If it is for Sprint you can actually download it at the Palm website - I don't have the link available, though.
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    Has anyone succeeded yet. I just bought the latest Treo650 that uses CDMA software. I also bought the THB Compfort Plus care kit. Before I have the kit installed, I need to know if there is anything that will allow it to work. I understand that it will charge the battery and utilize the external antenna. I can live without the radio interuption feature. However, I need audio. What about using the built-in speaker phone feature? Does anyone know if that will be any good? Can the external speaker, from the car kit, be plugged into the earphone jack?

    Please help ASAP. I'm desperate.


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