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    Anybody tried this bugger out ? Free version emulates performance with GPS but w/o GPS connectivity....used road maps, satellite photos and other alternatives to track your movement ovewr whatever type of map you lay it on.

    Download geocache treasures, track position and elevation info.
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    Requires JVM tho. Ick.
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    Same JVM as Kmaps and Opera ?
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    Looks like the same. Could be an interesting app. I'll give it a try this weekend.
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    Well, there's only one JVM for the
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    It was the only one I knew about but had no way of knowing that app vendor wasn't making available a modified version.
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    Well, I downloaded and installed Spot. Unfortunately I have not been able to connect with my Tomtom bluetooth GPS receiver yet. Users with a wired receiver may have an easier time testing the application as it also supports serial connections. The app seems to require three levels of JVM support, JSR 75, JSR 82 (for bluetooth I believe) and JSR 179. On my Treo 650, it only reports JSR 75 as being supported. Not sure if this is because of how I installed JVM (did so to support KMAPs when it came out) or something to do with the Treo. I'm reluctant to try updating JVM because others have reported problems with KMAPs after doing so. If anyone has more info on the levels of JVM support on a Treo 650, please let me know.
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    That's what I was questioning in Post #3 ... have airset on my test list this weekend, if time allows will check out....tho I have java in my opera folder launching off card.
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    The following comes from the JVM readme file:
    JSR172 - Contains PRCs for JSR 172 Web Services
    JSR75 - Contains PRCs for JSR 75 PIM integration
    To add JSR 172 or JSR75 functionality to the JVM, HotSync the PRC files from the JSR172 and JSR75 directories (and appropriate files for your language).

    It doesn't mention JSR 82. Guess I'll need to check through the more detailed Users Guide.

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