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    I am evaluating TakePhone and I've got a question, please.
    Is it possible for TakePhone to switch to a default palm dialer while in a call. So that way I could see duration of a conversation. And after I hang up, go back into TakePhone.

    I have the "Return After ALL calls" selected under "treo" category, so that takes care of returning to TakePhone after call ends.
    I know that you can long-press the Dial button and that will switch to a default dialer, but then it has that on-screen message "Switching to dialer". Plus the slight delay in time with the press and hold, of course. I need it to be instantaneous. I also know that I can set the Phone button to togle between TakePhone and default Dialer. But that's not a perfect situation either, because I have my screen turn off during calls to save battery power and so pressing the Phone button takes me to TakePhone first and only on second press it takes me to default dialer.

    Was I able to explain it clearly? Is there a way to do what I need to do in TakePhone or is this a feature that the developer would have to add? Or do I need some other program/utility that will do that, yet be compatible with TakePhone??

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Just got my treo 650 and loving it more and more with every day

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm not sure how your phone provideer is set up to display. I have Verizon and when I initiate a call from TAKEphONE I automatically get the default in-call screen with the call duration. What does yours do? Does it return to TAKEphONE while in the call itself?

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