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    Lately I have had a problem where the screen stops responding to touch. I can use the 5 way pad and keyboard.... but not the touch aspect of it. Does not come back until soft reset. I am sure it is some sort of interaction with software... have no idea if there is a program that is more likely. SOme of the main apps I use.....

    Zlauncher (with 4cast plugin)

    That is about 90% of it
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    Remove the screen protector, or, remove the flakes of dirt/debris in the corners of the screen.
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    Screen Saver or loose dirt between the screen and the frame?

    This causes the screen to think it is being touched and will not respond to another touch.

    Remove Screen saver -- does this cure it? Then reapply.
    If that did not cure it -- take a stiff piece of paper and go under the frame no more than 1/8th inch all away around to see if there is a piece of dirt causing the "touch."

    Not sure why a soft reset would cure this situation -- but just checking to eliminate these issues as the problem you are having.
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    Ditto -- I have had this happen a couple times. Both times, removing the Treo from the Krussel case, then putting it back in, resolved the issue.

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    I have no screen protector. Did not think to clean out under the edges. Well I did that and..... nothing. I guess it seemed preety clean. Does not mean that there was not something there. Just did not see anything. Will see if this happens again, but with the soft reset always fixing I have doubts it was the problem.

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