Howdy! Apologies if this has been posted - couldn't find an answer tho.

I'd like to sync my treo email with my desktop email client - but in a certain way. If I "send" an email on my treo, I'd like it to do nothing until I hotsync, and then I'd like it to transfer it to my desktop email client and let it handle the sending. Also when I hotsync, I don't want the treo to retrieve the mail directly from my email account - ideally it would initiate a receive on the desktop email client, and let it handle the receive, and then sync the received mail with the treo client. If initiating a receive on the desktop client was too hard, then just sync whatever's currently in the desktop inbox.

Does that make any sense???! If anyone could help out, I'd be grateful as I've been poking around a bit, and have come up with squat. hehe