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    I can answer and make calls but I cannot hear who's on the other end, but they can hear me. I've also lost the speakerphone touchscreen button when a call has been connected. I am forced to use a headset.

    Also my p tunes is not playing w/ out a headset, but the alarms and phone ringer are coming thru. I thought mp3 playback and the alarms/ring tones came thru the same speaker. I'm not sure if I'm having a hardware or software issue.

    I've tried a hard and soft reset but no luck.

    Any ideas? THX in advance!
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    Sounds like a broken or stuck headphone jack. The phone thinks something is always plugged-in. Try blowing the jack clean with one of those cans of filtered compressed air.
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    I belive that Jeff Gibson has a solution for this which allows you to use a software bypass to the audio jack and return headset functionality.
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    Thx guys for the reply, your responses gave me an idea. I uninstalled volume care and it worked. I can now hear my callers w/ out a headset.

    THX again!

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