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    Hi guys,
    I've searched the board, but coudn't find an answer that is why I'm posting.
    I've been trying out TreoGuard and then Phone Technician, but both of them have the same problem for me; I select an option to turn the screen off during calls after 5 seconds. In either program I can't turn the screen back on again while still in conversation (example: I'd like to see how long I've been talking). Now both programs have an option for power button to toggle the screen on/off but this doesn't work for treo 650 as the power button is the hang up button, so as soon as I press it the call ends. Treo 600 on the other hand has power button at the top I believe, so this probably works.

    I will probably mail the same question to both developers now, but meantime I was wondering if any of you have the same problem. Or what other program do you use that let's you turn off the screen during calls and turn it back on while in a call if needed.

    Thanks a lot, guys.

    P.S. Do I need Butler in order for this to work??
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    just press the green button - (actually any hard key other than the red one!)
    - that's for phone technician.
    You don't need Butler for this to work - but you do need Butler
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    Ahhh, I feel so silly now :-)
    Thank you so much for your quick response. Pressing the hardware buttons launches the apps assigned to them, of course, but pressing the Phone/Address button works as needed. Once again, thank you very much :-)
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    Whoa thanks!! I needed this info too!! I swear this website is the best!

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