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    (Treo 650, Using Missing Sync on Mac 10.4.5 -- No new software added within weeks of problem starting. Phone had been very stable until two days ago.)

    Here's a new problem that is driving me nuts:

    If I do not answer the 650 when someone calls, and they leave voice mail:

    As soon as the phone receives the notification that there is voicemail in the system, it does a soft reset, comes back with "Phone Off" and WILL NOT go back on the network. I push the orange phone button, it says welcome to Cingular, does a "network search" and resets again ending up with "Phone Off".

    The only way to get the phone back on line is to:
    1. Do a hard reset and,
    2. Use another phone to get the voice mail out of the system.

    If I do a hard reset and resync, as soon as the phone joins the network, it gets the message prompt and goes back into the same bad behavior.

    If I take the message out, do a hard reset, resync and reload all of my stuff, the phone works perfectly UNTIL someone leaves voice mail. It then repeats the problem.

    If I do a hard reset, and do not sync, the phone works. I'm now carrying around a Treo 650 with no added applications and no data. It works.

    So, it seems to me that there is some software conflict with the phone message prompt.

    Here are my questions:

    Basic question: Can anyone solve this? I read a very old post, not about this problem, where someone said he removed all of the preferences and stuff like that to solve a reset problem. I don't even begin to know how to do that. Is there something I can read? (I don't find it in the manual.)

    It seems to me I have to take all of the programs off and re-install them, one at a time until the problem reoccurs. I won't have time to do this for a while.

    How can I get back just my basic data -- contacts, calendar, tasks -- just the data? I am using Missing Sync. How do I do a sync that does not reinstall all of the third party programs?

    Then, I'll add back the others, slowly.

    I know this is a long post. I've spent at least half a day trying to solve this and am very frustrated.

    I deeply appreciate this community and the help you all offer.


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    I only dig this up because I am having the exact same problem. Is the a way to turn off voicemail notification? I think that's what is causing mine to reset
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    Anyone have a fix for this? I have the same problem...


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