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    Ok ok ok, I dropped my Treo 650... caught it with my foot but it clattered anyway. I pick it up, all's well.

    Until a few hours later. I was playing my brand new CTU ringer for a friend, all-a-sudden it cuts out completly.

    No more audio for the next 3 hours. I finally discover that if I press on the lower portion of the casing, OR if I press on the back of the unit where the battery is, only then do I get ringer audio, button audio, earpiece audio, etc.

    This won't do. I try to make a call. Nothing. Here's the kicker... not even a Speakerphone icon. I try plugging my earpiece in, and VIOLA.... all comes back to life. No problems since.

    This problem, although seemingly cured now, scare the shiite muslim out of me. Any ideas to what caused it, other than the tumble it took?
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    Sorry to hear about your problem. It seems some people have Treos that are more fragile than others. I, luckily, haven't experienced your problem, even though I have dropped mine on a number of occasions (some landing quite hard)! I wonder why some Treos seem sturdier than others?
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    Sounds like you're experiencing the all-too-fragile headphone jack problem.

    I'd say that the phone thought your headphone jack was in use. When you plugged your headphone in (and then unplugged it, I presume), it "re-set" the headphone jack so that you got your audio back.

    Not having any audio through anything but the headphone tends to be the fault of the bad headphone jack, from my experience.

    I simply avoid using my headphone jack at all cost.


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