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    Is there any chance, or does it even make sense to have a 2day plugin for Datebk6 today screen?? I'd really like to have Chatteremail, SoundRec and Voice Mail indications on a single line in Datebk6. Since 2day already supports those apps, displays indicators for each on a single line and has the configuration settings, it seems like a good candidate.

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    I currently use Datebk5 with 2Day. Using 2Days agenda screen and week view then Datebk5 month view and 4month view. When I switch to Datebk6 I will use the same set up but, in your case you could just set it to view 2Day screen then another push of the button brings up Datebk6 week view or month whatever you like. IMO there is a need for a plugin, 2Day is a plugin for Datebk.
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