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    Please help, my Treo650 all in a sudden always reset after sending out sms. This problem wont happen if i reply to any imcoming sms, only happen if sending sms to any contacs that have no sms threat before. Tried to purge all the message in any folder, but problem seems found on sent folder, at least 8 msgs still there that cant be deleted or purged. The msgs it self are blanks ang will cause reboots on opening it...Thanks...
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    this problem happened to me over the summer. its a sync problem... something on your computer that youre sending to your treo (or vise versa) is making it happen.

    i emptied my back up folder and started from scratch and it was fine..... basically try not syncing any 3rd party software or things like that, and then sync them one by one til you find whats causing it.

    hope this helps
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    I had a problem kinda like this. Mine would reset upon receiving an SMS. Not exactly sure if what i did actually resolved the problem, but I uninstalled all 3rd party apps that I thought would fight over messaging like Verichat. I also installed the newest version of Chatter, disabled the auto-fetching in Snapper and uninstalled Butler because I had nothing but problems ever since i installed it. My 650 has been a little more stable since I did these things so you might want to experiment with these apps if you have any of them installed.
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    Thx alot for the reply...the problem seems also related to my contacs database, finally decided to do the hard reset after backing up my contacts db and reinstalling all 3rd apps one by one...every time i sync, stalled on contacs, at least one of the contact caused the freeze (may be corrupted?) and now quite ok and stable after deleting the bad record...
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    use filez... tap view and edit files then internal then delete messages database and SMS Messages2... it will delete all you sms messages but it will solve the resetting problem...

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