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    I may be repeating questions from other new users (sorry if this is repetitious) but I am having an awful time finding help to use my new Treo 650. I am not an inexperienced user of PDAs having gone through three versions of IPAQ and a Palm III before that, but, still finding myself at sea with this Palm OS. So, sorry to be coming to this forum looking for something before contributing. Right now all I have are dumb questions,

    Can I get rid of the lock that keeps turning my system off in 10 seconds every time I turn on?

    Can I delete multiple records? I loaded my device up with my address book and ran out of memory to do anything else. I am now going about deleting one entry at a time because I can't figure out how to do more than one record at time. I also bought a 1GB card so hope this won't happen again but now can't figure out how to move the records to the card from my main memory.

    Can I get the machine to boot up to something other than the phone?

    Any skins available for this device other than what comes with it?

    Can I use any of the old applications from my Palm III? I still have the cd with lots of feature applications that would be neat to have back.

    Does anyone make a case that allows you to also keep credit cards in it without damaging the screen?

    So far, the Palm literature seems relatively useless. The books I am reviewing on internet all seem to have very negative reviews. Does anyone know of a good book that goes beyond the basics; maybe even gives advice on what applications to buy and what not to buy?

    One of the things I liked most about my old Palm III was that the user community was so helpful with stuff like this. Hope that is still the case.
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    my first hopefully not rude suggestion is to do a search on any of these topics.

    but Ill try to answer as many questions as I can:

    The 10 second lock question, are you referring to the center key button lock or the fact that your unit shuts down after 10 seconds? If its the latter there is a way in prefs for you to let it go for as long as 3 minutes.

    Multiple records: not sure what youre referring to here but if you mean addresses, notes, memo's etc its best to do that on the desktop side and yes you can do multiples. (not sure how or why youre out of space if you just got the unit) how many apps have you installed?

    Booting in other than the phone: honestly this is still one of my biggest irritants about this unit but youll get used to it and here it goes: if you press the green key, the phone app will come up, if you press the next key over from the green (left to right) it will bring up your calander, if you press the next button on the other side of the 5 way nav it will bring up the email client and the red button will either shut your unit down or, if its down will bring up the last app or menu that was used.

    If by skins you mean software skins, there are plenty of launchers that you can use to change the appearance of the background, if you mean the actual hardware, check ebay.

    Far as your PalmIII proggies, try em, I dunno each is different, if your T650 crashes than youll know it didnt support it.

    Case: cmon this one is simple, search the TreoCentral store.

    Im bored so I hope this helped. But honestly, the search function is the best way to find out the answers to your questions usually

    Oh and a bit of advice, when you ask questions, 1)do a search as I said and 2)be more specific with your questions. As you can tell by my answers your questions couldve gone a few different ways.

    Good luck
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    You can disable the Auto-Keyguard feature in Preferences > Keyguard. You can also adjust the time until your Treo turns the screen off from the default of 30 seconds to 3 minutes in Preferences > Power.

    There are programs like Undupe to do this kind of thing automatically. Makes it easier than going one-by-one and manually deleting them.

    One must-have app for moving/deleting/viewing files on your Treo is FileZ. Search these forums to see what can be sent to your SD card and what needs to be kept on the Treo itself.

    As far as I know the phone is the default app the device boots into on any restart. I don't know how to change this.

    Lots of skins available for programs like LauncherX or the more popular ZLauncher. Lots of folks have posted their custom skins to share over in the Software section of this forum.

    I don't think you should use any of your old apps from your Palm III on your Treo. Perhaps you can find updated versions rated specifically for the Treo, but just using the old ones from your Palm III is a recipe for disaster. You're bound to get huge instability problems from incompatible software and you'll end up wiping your Treo clean with a hard reset and installing all your apps and data from scratch. 99% of Treo problems come from incompatible programs added by the user. I don't install anything if it's not on the PalmFocus Treo 650 Software Compatibility List. No, it's not the final word, but it can definitely save you from putting something on your Treo that will cause you massive headaches. To see what folks think are must-have apps, take a gander at Six Essential Applications Thread. Good info there, mini-reviews, and first person experiences.

    If you want a wallet-style case, look at This One at the TreoCentral Store. If you want something else you'll have to poke around. Personally, I like the horizontal belt case, no credit cards or anything else. But that's just me. I also highly recommend a screen protector, one of those clear plastic friction-adhesion things. My Treo didn't even come out of the box before I had one ready to slap onto it's screen.

    You'll find this a lively community, lots of help for the asking. One thing that will get you flamed, though, is asking a question that has been covered before in other threads. A quick forum search will get you most of the answers you need, while avoiding the barbed comments from some of our regular veteran members. Man, Teh Munk has been known to have a sharp tongue and no fear of using it. Hang around a while and you'll see! Oh, and Welcome Aboard!
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    Quote Originally Posted by aethelflaeda
    Does anyone know of a good book that goes beyond the basics; maybe even gives advice on what applications to buy and what not to buy?
    While books do have their charm, you will be better off doing your research
    and study online. The information will certainly be more up-to-date and you
    have the benefit of reading about actual user experiences rather than what
    some author has decided was important.

    Yeah, if you still prefer paper, you can print out the stuff you want to read.

    I always thought that it is quiet useless buying a book about something that
    can only be thought of as "disposable".

    - mvk

    PS: Guys! made it to 100 posts with this one.
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    You have earned 10% of a Treo icon!!
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    Most of the Treo related question I searched on google inevitably pointed me back to You can get most of the question answered by search the past posts on this forum.

    Or just ask.
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    Why are ringtones always such a big issue? Don't people realize that they're obnoxious!? And why the Nintendo 'Wii'? What th-!?
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    Thanks so much to all of you for your kind responses. First, let me apologize for a failure to understand the search process. You were my last resort. Several of you pointed out that I should have searched before asking. Well, I did and I did and I did and I could find nothing. Being a former librarian and long time graduate student, I thought I knew how to effectively search. Apparently not the case when it comes to Treo because I came up empty no matter how I searched the internet community.

    Now it is finally dawning on me that you meant to search this forum and yes, you are perfectly correct in your criticism; I did not do that! The one place I should have looked ... I didn't look. Hopefully, I will not make the same mistake twice.

    Again, even after all your warnings about rude people and such, I got very positive responses. I thank you for your patience and understanding with a newbie with such repetitive and dumb questions. My only excuse is that we all start from somewhere and I guess I am starting from here and I just want to say ... thanks!
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    When you have the time, here are some good threads to browse:

    Cheers, Perry

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