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    still having the issue with sound quality? I had one of the 139.99 refurb units a few months ago, and after about 5 seconds, the person I called could not hear me. I could hear them fine. I eventually sent back the device and kept my Verizon 650.
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    You probably got a bad one.. Perhaps one that really was returned for a reason?

    My wife has one and it's perfect, and there's a large thread on this very subject you might look into.

    Cingular would have replaced the phone, by the way...
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    I have had the same Treo 650 from cingular since the day the became available. The only thing that I needed was the updated sim card, they sent me a new sim tray, still use the original. Never had volume issues, or reset issues. Sounds like you got a bad unit, that happens with all electronics.
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