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    Ok long story short.

    I have been having problems with frequent resets most related to "phone 1.0" according to the error.

    Yesterday another problem arises only its hardware related. The audio jack stopped working. No its not the headset. I have like 5 of them here that dont work. It will only work if its pushed in a certain angle.

    I called Palm and gave the my Serial # then an indian lady trasfered me over to Cingular. Before she did that she looked at the serial # and said Its still under warranty so she gave me a case #! always ask for case #.

    few minutes later I get a # from her 1800-331-8500
    Oh crap! im not a cingular customer. I just happen to have a cingular treo that I have purchased in september of 05 from ebay and reg the warranty myself.

    Ok so now cingular transfered me to palm and another lady who I spoke to told me to do a hard reset I almost hung up and thought i would be bounced between "experts" until i become dump.
    I told her that I am very familiar with the treo 650 and this is def. a hardware issue and that i have tried several headsets. The she said ok I can go ahead and process replacement.

    So there are two options
    1- you pay $25 and u get a phone in 5 days and then send your phone
    2- you send your phone and then get a replacement, but its free.

    I thought about it and went with #1, gave my cc #, then she told me I should get an email about it.

    Now they said I would get a cingular locked unit.
    I asked if it would be possible to get an unlocked gsm unit. she said no since my serial # is gsm cingular locked unit.

    So im probably going to get a refurbished treo 650 locked to cingular. did I do the right thing? I mean the audio jack was broken, but i hear there is a quick fix. I didnt want to void warranty
    how are refurbished units,..
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    So now how are going to get it unlocked...since your not a cingular customer...
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    #3, promotional code TREOCENTRAL
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    There's a lot of happy people with refurbed units, my wife loves hers, plus read this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    There's a lot of happy people with refurbed units, my wife loves hers, plus read this thread.
    yeah thanks.
    i hope i dont get one that has been busted, because I will be real sad
    and about unlocking...should i bother with cingular for unlock? or palm (i dont have cingular service, i got tmobile)?
    i mean i already unlocked this for $25 a while back. I kind of dont want to have an "unlock expense" for the treo 650 as it's already depreciating.
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    I wouldn't bother with Cingular, but you can try I suppose.. I hear lots of stories of them handing out codes which don't work, or flat-out refusing to give them.
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    Cingular will not give you an unlock code without being a Cingular customer. There are, in fact, a few other requriements. Your account has to be in good standing for 3 months, and you have to be on their "international access" plan. It's free to add that line item to your account, but you have to give them a reason for it (ie, travel plans, etc.).
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    ok I got an a refurbished cingular treo 650 unit with 1.17 firmware and it also has 8530 MINUTES on it. Is this ok? Looks in great condition but inside says that much minutes have been on this unit. My broken unit doesnt have that much on it.
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    i know this is kinda old but i have a question for you camel....where did you get the phone # for palm directly?? the website basically directs you to all the providers and i have an unlocked phone so.....dont really know what to do? maybe call the cingular #?


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