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    Quote Originally Posted by juice555
    I have read after unlocking the caller ID no longer functions. Has anyone experienced this?
    I have a Rogers locked phone too. I called yesteday asking for them to unlock it for me, and they refused saying they 'dont have the codes', and have service in almost every country in the world, so there is no reason to unlock it. I think $5.00/minute is a very good reason myself. heh.
    My caller ID works perfectly after unlocking with
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    I bought the unlocking Service from Ebay to unlock my Rogers Treo 650, I can't finished it right now because you need a SIM from another provider to enter the unlocking code (should have one tommorow). Now my quesiton is this. once my phone is unlocked, which updater from Palm (v 1.20) should I apply to my phone, the one for Rogers GSM phones or the one for unlocked GSM phone.

    Any info appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amrou100
    I currently have a Treo 650. It is currently locked for Rogers (Canada) GSM.

    I can see that on ebay there are many sellers that promise to unlock it for under $20. What do people think of this service? Currently, my phone has no external branding on it. If I unlock it will it be identical to the unlocked ones that Palm sells?

    If I unlock my phone, will I be able to upgrade to newer firmware versions? What is the latest version and can I download the "unlocked phone version" from the Palm website?
    Hey amrou100, I'm with Rogers also. I just got mine about a week and a half ago. I unlocked my phone from a vendor on eBay (thefonedoc, cost US$17.99). It took under 10 minutes. This was a recommendation from another user on another forum that is also on Rogers and just tried it. After, I ran the GSM Unlocked updated (not the Rogers one!) and it worked flawlessly.

    I found out the update backs up your data first, but I did it myself before on another computer just in case.

    Good luck!
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