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    the contacts app won't save edits I make.

    I go to a contact on the treo, enter a note, and click ok. when I view that contact the note isn't there. It's as if I did nothing.

    anyone have this problem? suggestions?
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    So, when you open contacts, there should be a little yellow "postit" to the right of the contact name for any contact that has a note attached. Touching the "postit" should bring up the note. You don't normally see the actual note when you touch the contact name.
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    I can get to the note. I can edit it. I can hit the done button, which is supposed to save the note. I do all that.

    Still, the note doesn't get saved. When I click on the contact again, I don't see my changes.
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    Actually, no changes are being saved. I just tried to change a contact's company name and even that didn't get saved.

    any ideas?
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    Not really. Can you create a new contact?
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    yeah. I can create and edit new contacts. it's as if the old contacts are locked to edits.

    how strange.

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