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    Is there anybody out there that is not having a problem with this app? This thing hates the 650. I got kinda comfortable with Verichat when I had my 600 because I have a lot of Messenger and ICQ buddies. Now i'll have to do without because of the constant reset it causes on my 650. Does anyone know of a particular app that Verichat does not get along with that might be causing the resets?
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    I have 0 problems with verichat and my treo 650.
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    Do a search here, and you'll find a ton of threads discussing it. Verichat's one of the buggiest apps out there, but still the best in the IM arena (imho). You may want to try Causerie, and there are others. Most of us just suffer through.
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    I'm not having any problems...I also use Chatter, Volumecare, etc. I don't have any conflict.
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    I don't use the program everyday but from the times I do use I've had zero problems. Heck, zLauncher crashes more than Verichat. On the other hand, I don't doubt the claims that's it's buggy or can be unstable.
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    I am using Verichat version 2.86b and have had no problems. A buddy of mine loaded 2.89b and had tons of resets....even on a brand new Treo with nothing but Verichat and Chatter loaded.
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    No problems here, at all. Treo 650 CDMA w/Chatter, & VolumeCare. I did have problems a few months ago, but it turned out to be LightWav Pro, got rid of that headache,, nada, no more resets.
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    I get a reset or sometimes a lock up after a lot of Verichat use, but in general no issues. Their support told me to upgrade to 2.89 but I have not and based on the post saying it caused problems will hold off.
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    2.89 here with Treo 650 and no reset at all by verichat. I am online 24/7. Never close the verichat. I have butler, volumecare, etc etc. No conflit. Nada. Working flawlessly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ssrjazz
    I have 0 problems with verichat and my treo 650.
    Same here... No Prob with 2.86b and chatter on GSM
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    Every once in a blue moon VeriChat will reset the phone automatically. This only happens maybe once every couple of months and that is using it everyday...Have you tried making sure that you have the current version?
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    most of the same apps everyone listed with verichat no issues BUT I don't use ICQ I use yahoo,msn and aol only..
    I also don't use always on as that just kills my battery
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    Thanks richochet I hadn't heard of Causerie and so far it's been decent. was able to google the PRC file and install 'on the go' and other than the initial issue of it not downloading my contact in MSN it has been a fairly good app. I had been using QuickIM as my IM client (well until it expired ) but will give this one a go as I like being able to run it in the background. This morning while commuting to work I listened to a podcast using pTunes, chatted with my wife using Causerie and occasionally surfin' and checking e-mail.

    Quote Originally Posted by ricochet
    Do a search here, and you'll find a ton of threads discussing it. Verichat's one of the buggiest apps out there, but still the best in the IM arena (imho). You may want to try Causerie, and there are others. Most of us just suffer through.
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    I bought verichat and lived with it. Then Toccer came around and I tried it. Loved it, one of the most stables apps I've put on my palm. I tried a newer version of verichat just for kicks and within the hour I was reseting. Deleted it and I will NEVER look back unless there are serious changes. Verichat's whole popup system is the problem in my mind; they're not palm standard alerts like toccer's are. You'll miss messages if you use verichat.
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    I get an occasional reset (1x a week, maybe) that occurs shortly after having used Verichat. I will exit Verichat 2.89b and within about 5-10 minutes get a reset. I do not disconnect from my sessions or the internet when I exit.

    I have narrowed it down to one potential problem. Verichat changes the LED temporarily to orange when a Verichat message comes in and you are not in Verichat. There are a few apps out there which alter the LED (i.e., Butler, CallFilter, and perhaps a few others). There is a known issue with the Treo when 2 apps try to alter the LED at the same time (or something like that) which causes a crash, or at least I have read about this problem elsewhere.

    It would fit the profile that someone I was chatting with sends me a message after I have exited VeriChat, and when that message attempts to alter the LED color, that's when it crashes, but this is just a guess. I have never had anyone tell me they sent me a message that I didn't get after such a crash.

    I discussed this with PdaApps and have made a suggestion to them, that they make it an option to alter the LED color on incoming messages. This would allow those of us having trouble to disable that feature and see if that resolves the crashes.

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    I am really starting to wonder if Verichat has a problem with zLauncher. Every time Verichat causes a reset, Zlauncher shuts down. When I restart zLauncher, it reverts back to the unregistered trial state as though I just installed it. Not only that, a lot of my registered software revert to trial status. Seems almost like a hard reset but my contacts are still in place and all other personalzations I made don't change. Any ideas?
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    Try prefdoctor by hobbyist software -- the dude who also makes Initiate, Butler and Phone Technician. You can also restore the prefs file using a backup app (I use Resco BAckup)
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    Quote Originally Posted by machx
    Toccer came around and I tried it. Loved it, one of the most stables apps I've put on my palm.
    Wow - Toccer is pretty cool for AIM. I used to use Verichat all day long, but was having troubles with resets a few months ago and took it off. I'm heading out of town on a conference though, and decided to reinstall it. I've not had any resets in the couple of hours that it's been back, however, I keep getting disconnected. I have it set to always on, but every time the screen turns off on the Treo 650 I disconnect from Yahoo (which was all I had configured on there for now). I've checked every "always on" configuration I could find, and can't see why this should happen. I DO NOT want to use SMS polling, because I have a big enough SMS bill as it is <g> - I have unlimited data, I want to use unlimited data!!!!

    So far Toccer is running rings around it for that reason. I'm a long-time Verichat user (I have the lifetime subscription). I do like it because of the multiple IM versions, but most of my contacts are "multiple" users anyway and are online with AIM anyway.

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    Verichat is a problem for me too. Since upgrading to the 1.13 Sprint firmware, and RLocking verichat into place, I don't get many verichat-caused resets anymore. My biggest problem with it lately is i'll be sitting there chatting to someone, and all of a sudden all IM services will log off and not be able to log back on. Also, about twice a day I have to run the Reset NetLib thing to reset my connections (yes i use chatter too.) If I go to the license screen, click ok once, then cancel, then disconnect and exit, then re-launch it, sometimes it'll reconnect, sometimes it won't. I know that makes no sense, but *shrug*. I have causerie installed too (but never running simultaneously obviously), but am just too "used" to Verichat.

    Mainly I'm curious about why I have to Reset NetLib twice a day.
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    I never heard of Toccer before this thread. I think I'll give it a try. Thanks for the heads up.
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