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    Amazing, i woke up today and was still connected to AIM (via Toccer)! That's a first in a long time
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    I thought Toccer could handle MSN and ICQ messengers. Oh well, maybe something else will work for me... Or maybe the folks over at PDAapps will get enough complaints and work out some of the bugs in Verichat that makes it so ticky Still a great app, when it works...
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    i'm loving your icon. my fiance loves AVP
    What can I say? A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
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    Thanks. The first Predator movie is the greatest movie of all time...
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    Verichat biggest problem is that it is constrained by the buggy, duct-taped, ghetto-rigged OS that is Garnet.

    That is the real problem.

    And it won't be solved for years... (excluding Windows Mobile version).
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    You're saying the Windows version isn't a buggy, duct-taped, ghetto-rigged OS? Pass Bill back the joint, he's smoking some bad stuff.
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    I agree. Windows, Windows mobile, Microsoft whatever... It doesn't matter. EVERYTHING Microsoft releases are buggy messes. Even after years of R&D, patches and updates they still have major issues with (their own) operating systems. And this goes far beyond something as simple as Verichat problems. The truth is Palm is a very stable OS. It's the third-party developers that need to do a little more testing before releasing an unfinished, or glitchy product instead of trying to make a quick buck.
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    As for Verichat resetting your connections --

    I have run into this problem several times. I believe they occasionally have problems with their VeriChat servers, which causes you to disconnect. And sometimes you cannot reconnect until they resolve the issue on their end. Your treo doesn't connect directly to AIM/Yahoo/etc; it has to go thru their server. Hence, another possible point of failure in the connection to instant messaging.

    When this happens, I just send an email to support AT pdaapps DOT com and let them know. I usually get prompt replies saying that I should do a soft reset and try again. But I haven't had to do a reset---they've fixed the problem by then and I can usually just go back and reconnect my sessions without the reset.

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