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    i used chatter for the 1 month trial with one mail box set to my sites imap server and never received any complaints about calls being sent directly to voicemail, once i registered i set up a bunch of boxes but started having battery issues, now i only have 2 mailboxes and im having issues with missed calls or calls going straight to vmail...

    i was wondering if anyone else is using sprint with imap or simulated push could share your preferences for the mailboxes and connection etc.
    i test it out allday and 9 out of 10 times when i call my own phone from work it goes straight to voicemail. any advice? i still love the program, just cant seem to get it to work as well as it did before i registered it and upgraded to the new beta. thanks for any input.
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    I don't have much mail going to my SprintPCS email (just important banking/CC "alerts") and I have the Gmail/Fastmail Push setup going.

    What I did was just have my Sprint email forward automaically to my Gmail/Fastmail account and turned off my SMS alerts for Sprint.

    Now I get my regular daily Gmail and the occasional Sprint email Pushed. A down-side for some is that it's all one-account now, but that works for me as I'm more interested in content.
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    allstarfung - You might send me a log in case something isn't set up properly. Instructions in the FAQ at


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