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    The person who best answers this simple treo question will get $5-$10 paypal.

    I verizonized my treo 600 two days ago but some sprint still remains. I need the MSL to wipe it out. I have bitpim and know how to use it. Please show me how to access the phone from bitpim. Do I need to use a computer without the hotsync software?

    Please respond to

    or to this thread with your answer and the address you want the money sent to

    first person to anwer well gets the reward, so be quick!!!

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    You have to call Sprint to get the MSL number, just tell them your selling it and they will give you the number. I have done this before and will give you the step by step instructions in a couple of min.
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    you can also use bitpim

    but if this works this is fine (i would rather use bitpim)
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    so who is the winner??
    Technological superiority has never won a product battle. If that were the case we would all be flying in supersonic Concordes and using Apple computers.

    The key to winning the battle is a combination of price, convenience, marketing, sound business model and a bit of luck.
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    no one has done it yet, so i will revise the question

    "how do i get the treo 600 onto bitpim using a hotsync cable?"

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